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How to Write
 Wedding Vows that Wow
  If you want to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind affair, consider writing your own wedding vows. Here are some tips to help inspire you and bring your vows to life.
REMINISCE. Take a walk down memory lane and think about all those wonderful moments spent together. Jot down favorite memories, including moments that defined your relationship or locations that hold significance for the two of you. They can be funny, touching, sad, romantic.
FIND INSPIRATION. Of course your love is unique, but countless others have fallen in love and married before you, and a lot of them have written about the subject. Use your favorite poems, love songs and movie quotes to help inspire your own masterpiece of love. Reflecting on the relationships
within your families could be another great source of inspiration, such as your parents’ marriages.
ASK QUESTIONS. What do you love about your partner? Why is he/she the one? What is better about your life with your future spouse in it? What
is it about him/her that inspires you? What would you like to promise your partner? Let those questions and the emotions that they stir up guide your writing.
WRITE IT DOWN. Once you agree to write your own vows, come up with a rough outline of what you want to say.
As far as structure, there’s no rule that your vows have to mirror one another. But if you want consistency, come up with agreed-upon components (like a short story) or structure (like a list of promises) ahead of time.
KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET. There might be a million things you want to say to your future spouse, but don’t share them all at the altar. Be aware
of how much time it will take, and be understanding of your audience. Keep it brief (aim for about one minute) but don’t hold back your emotions: Speak from the heart!
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