Meghan Heineken and Cullen Chandler

August 15, 2020

“Cullen asked me out on our first date by giving me an origami eagle,” says Meghan. When it came time to propose, Cullen decided to continue the tradition: “We went geocaching on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus,” Meghan says. “Unknown to me, he hid a very similar origami bird to the original eagle. I thought it was the geocache document, so I started opening it up when I realized there was something written on the outside. As I read the words ‘will you marry me’ written on this origami bird, Cullen got on one knee in front of me. I was so excited I forgot to say yes, and he had to ask again!” Meghan and Cullen’s wedding day had their own little magical moment: “As our officiant said ‘you may kiss the bride,' it started raining,” says Meghan. “We both love the rain and were so happy that we got to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife being sprinkled by rainfall.” However, not everything can be perfect and mishaps do happen: For the sendoff, guests were provided with biodegradable confetti to toss, and just as Cullen opened his mouth to remind Meghan not to get it in her mouth, someone threw a huge handful of confetti right at his face. “Cullen then proceeded to swallow a mouthful of confetti, but grinned and bared it until we were at the end of the driveway,” says Meghan. “When we stopped to open the gate, Cullen couldn’t handle it any more and had to throw up. In the moment not super fun, but looking back it makes us laugh that we started off our marriage with such a bang.”

Photographer: Emelia K Photography • Ceremony & reception site: Grandparent’s property in Delta Junction • Wedding rings: Desert Passage • Flowers: Safeway • Bride's dress: David’s Bridal • Groom's & groomsmen’s formal wear: Men’s Wearhouse • Hair: Paris Woody, Charlotte Rouge • Makeup: Galilee Halbert, Charlotte Rouge • Officiant: Kevin Welch • Bride/groom's wedding night accommodations: The Garden Bed and Breakfast • Honeymoon destination: Homer; Orlando, Fla.

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