To everything, there is a season...

Searching for some wedding day color and decor inspiration? Take a cue from the seasons and get motivated by some of our favorite ideas.


• Lean into the warm fall colors with antique gold, burgundy, plum, dark sage, mustard and rusty orange for bridesmaids’ dresses, bouquets, tablecloths, candlesticks and foliage.

• Incorporate favorite fall flowers and colors into your bouquet and centerpieces, such as dahlias, roses, thistle, eucalyptus, seasonal berries, branches and wheat.

• Decorate with grapevine wreaths, mini pumpkins, twigs, berries, fall leaves or tiny pinecones.

• Hollow out pumpkins and use them as vases.

• Think rustic elegance, such as vintage table linens, hurricane lanterns, and weathered copper pedestal vases filled with sunflowers or gold-toned roses.

• Flower girls can wear wreaths of flowers and leaves in their hair, and instead of petals, they can drop autumn leaves down the aisle.

• For a fall-themed menu, think comfort foods and more warm flavors from a fall harvest, like roasted pork loin, baked acorn squash, warm and savory soups, roasted Brussel sprouts, hot apple cider, mulled wine, and pumpkin pie.

• For a true rustic harvest scene, incorporate bundles of wheat and bales of straw.

• Take photos of the two of you strolling through the changing foliage and vibrant fall colors.

• Set up lighting elements like glowing lanterns or traditional string lights to light up the walkways when guests leave at the end of the evening.


• Think warm and inviting color combinations: Rich reds paired with silver or gold to celebrate the holidays; metallics such as gold and silver; or icy blue accented with silver and navy for a modern touch.

• Go all white! Dress your wedding in winter whites, from the table linens to the china. For some sparkle, consider adding jewels (faux rubies, rhinestones, and even aquamarines) to your all-white centerpieces.

• Accent the sides of your snow-white tables with icicle garlands or twinkle lights wrapped in tulle or lace.

• Place potted evergreens on the tables or centerpieces featuring a wreath of eucalyptus encircling floating candles.

• Consider tall, regal candelabras for centerpieces with clusters of flowers at the base or strung with jeweled baubles.

• Add gilded pinecones or even ornaments for added elegance and to make your tablescape more festive.

• Spiky white flowers, like Star of Bethlehem, suggest icy shards and further the theme.Add crystal glass beads to your bouquet for a look that's both frosty and fabulous.

• Heat things up by serving toasty drinks like hot toddies and hot chocolate.

• Set up a festive hot cheese fondue station.

• Embrace your inner snow princess and choose a gown with sparkly embellishments or with a snowflake pattern woven into the fabric. Another option: Ask your seamstress to add a fur cuff or collar to a gown you're in love with.

• Top your gown with an elegant shawl to take off the chill from car to reception and for those gorgeous outdoor photos in the snow.

Spring & Summer

    • For colors, think soft, subtle hues for spring (such as lilac, mint, coral, blush pink and earthy tones); and bright, bold colors for summer (such as electric blue, royal purple, magenta, lime green and chili pepper red).

    • For decor, go for a “just picked from the garden" look. Fill vases, wire baskets or ceramic water pitchers with loose and playful blooms in bright colors: pinks, greens and oranges.

    • Incorporate ruby-red raspberries, luscious blackberries, tiny green apples, and even figs into your centerpieces.

    • For flowers, why not go a little "wild"? Get rid of the formal bouquet and instead opt for wild flowers tied loosely with ribbon. They’ll look like they’ve been freshly picked.

    • Skip the elaborate updo. Spring is the time for loose and flowing locks accented with flowers – hair that's just a bit, well, "wild."

    • From rustic chic to utterly elegant, peony bouquets and centerpieces are beautiful. (Locally grown and available June through September.)

    • For your cake, celebrate the season with a floral fantasy theme. Have your designer incorporate bright accent colors and abundant flowers.

    • Don't let all those fresh flowers steal the show. Choose a gown with a hint of springtime color, from a rose pink to a soft lilac.

    • In summer, the obvious food choice in Alaska is our wonderful seafood. Salmon and halibut lend themselves beautifully to the grill so why not consider an "action" station where guests can watch their meal being cooked. Or consider an Alaskan crab boil as a variation on the New England recipe.

    • For desserts, think fresh berry pies, pastel-hued macarons, ice cream sandwiches or light and airy mini parfaits.

    • Serve desserts in terracotta flowerpots or add some edible flowers like nasturtiums to accent a salad.

    • For drinks, serve refreshing fruit-infused drinks, such as chilled sangria in festive carafes.

So go ahead. Grab the calendar. Set a date. And relax. In Alaska, there's no wrong time to get married. And every season offers beauty and romance.