Melodious Mixes

Struggling to find a color scheme for your wedding flowers?

Photos by Farrar Photography

Before you start seeing red, try this: Pick just one color, then take a spin on the color wheel to find colors that are nearby or adjacent to it. Using different shades and tints of one color conveys a sense of harmony and subtle calm, and creates a timeless and sophisticated look. So let your imagination bloom! Think melodious mixes, like navy blue, federal blue, and sky blue; apricot, soft peach and tangerine; dark red, blue red and magenta. Not only does this make for some classy combinations, but also makes it so much easier than trying to match “exactly” all dresses, flowers, ribbons, and tablecloths.

Here are some examples of beautiful bouquets
with colorful cohesion.

Purple might be the "it" color right now, but will forever be hot. Purple has always been the color of royalty, so you can think of the symbolic meaning of flowers in this hue as deep respect and admiration.

In this bouquet: Dendrobium orchids, roses, tulips and carnations.

Designed by: Evalyn's Floral, Anchorage

Red is the symbol of love and passion - a fitting color for a wedding. The deeper the red, the deeper the meaning. Dark reds show a charitable love while brighter reds reveal devoted passion.

In this bouquet: Red roses, red anthurium, burgundy mini cymbidium orchids, red mini calla lilies, magnolia foliage arranged in a burgundy feathered collar.

Designed by: Mylord's Floral, Anchorage

Green is not just an accent color any more. In weddings, green reveals a modern sensibility, and often comes with inventive, non-traditional florals (think green mums or lily grass). Synonymous with nature, the color green represents health, optimism, resilience, good fortune and renewal.

In this bouquet: Tropical ice anthurium, green spider mums, uluhe fern, variegated pittosporum, variegated lily grass, aspidistra (the dark green leaves).

Designed by: Anchorage Floral

Want to convey an air of grace, happiness and joy? If so, think pink. Pink symbolizes femininity, admiration, love, romance, gentleness, harmony and fidelity.

In this bouquet: Pink peony, spray rose, pink princess rose, verde rose, cymbidium orchid, dianthus, bear grass, Italian ruscus.

Designed by: Alaska Flower Shop, Anchorage

There’s nothing bashful about the color orange. Symbolizing energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, an arrangement of blooms in this vibrant color conveys confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life.

In this bouquet: Orange unique roses, coral godetia, peach hypericomb, mini dianthus, green cymbidium orchid blooms, hanging amaranthus. Trimmed with copper wire and glass beads.

Designed by: Bagoy’s Florist, Anchorage