Q: I am getting a lot of unwanted wedding advice. Yes, it is My day. But how do I make decisions graciously without offending my grandmother or mother-in-law in the process?

A: I see this happen quite a bit with a lot of my clients. Everyone wants to help with the couple’s wedding day and give their input, and it is just because they want to be involved in some way or another. The best thing you can do in this situation is to try to be patient, just listen, and thank them for their input. Because oftentimes their advice does come from a place of love. And you never know, they might have a good idea! For example, I recall the time one mother of the bride suggested a hot chocolate bar with personalized wedding mugs for guests to take home: It ended up being a hit!

If the unsolicited advice continues where things are becoming tense between all of you, then I suggest giving them a task. Put them in charge of something that you do not have strong feelings about or something minor. It could be anything from figuring out what wedding favors to provide to the guests, organizing the food and beverage for the bridal party on the wedding day, arranging the transportation for the bridal party, or handling the details of the rehearsal dinner. That will keep them busy because now they have something to focus on. Meanwhile, you can go back to planning what you want to do for your wedding day all while making them feel like they are involved and contributing to your wedding day.

Lorell David is a Certified Wedding Planner with The Bridal Society and Professional Wedding Planner with Assoc. of Bridal Consultants. She is the owner of i do Events in Anchorage. Visit