Q: My fiancé and I aren’t great in front of the camera. Do you have any tips for becoming comfortable with the photographer for our wedding-day pictures?

A: There are numerous times people say to me, "I feel awkward in front of a camera" or "we've never had professional portraits and don't know what to do." Here's the secret: You're not the only one. When hiring a professional, we are here for you! We've spent years honing our skills in posing, making people laugh, and finding the right locations to make it easier for you on your special day. So, first thing first is to trust the photographer you've hired. Second, definitely communicate your fears long before you meet in person. Tell your photographer your concerns on the phone. However, a little reminder on the day of your wedding/shoot never hurts; your photographer has a lot going on in their head, so just talk to them.

Another important thing to note is to simply have fun. We'll tell corny jokes, be a wee bit sarcastic, or even break out the dance moves to get you to smile and laugh with your loved one. Be silly, be goofy, and have fun! Authentic laughter is the key to getting comfortable in front of a camera. Trust me, when your photographer begins to get excited about the images, you'll get excited too. I even like to show my couples some of their photos while we're out. They oooh and awe, which in turn helps them relax even more.

Furthermore, if it feels weird the first 10 to 20 minutes, that's okay. I normally tell folks that it takes a bit before you figure out the rhythm of the shoot. But once you do, you'll be posing yourself and having a great time by the end of it! Lastly, do an engagement shoot with your photographer. It's not about the money for them. It's about getting to know you and vice versa, helping you relax, and enjoying your time as an engaged couple!

Lena Lee, originally from Mississippi, moved to Alaska seven years ago and has been photographing weddings here ever since. When she’s not capturing your memories, you can find her climbing mountains with her husband, playing with Swami Cat, or traveling around the world. Visit