Formal Wear & Tuxedos

Q: The color theme of our wedding is pastel and feminine – how do I coordinate my formal wear with that?

Pastel colors are very popular for wedding themes. For the men we like to suggest small touches of the color chosen. Like maybe just the tie and handkerchief, and possibly the ribbon in the boutonnière.

Q: My entire ensemble is classic – simple jacket, pants and tie – but I’d like at least one spicy element to make it pop. Any ideas?

The pocket square/handkerchief has become a very popular element for a tuxedo or suit. It can spice up any classic look, not just with the color of the pocket square, but how it is folded and displayed. Another option is to match the colored socks to the wedding colors; it’s a fun thing for all the groomsmen to do.

Q: What are some trendy alternatives to the tux that still look formal?

A look that has been very trendy is the tuxedo without a coat: the full back vest in a basic color and the tie to match the wedding colors. It is a simple and sharp look.

- Starla Heim, owner of Dooley's Tuxedos and Costumes,

Q: How long before the wedding date should rental suits be ordered?

When planning on tuxedos, more time is better. Most guys want to put it off until the end (go figure). We suggest deciding on the style choices about three months ahead of time and then the attendants can just come in at their convenience to get measured. Measurements take about a minute. The week of the wedding is when we request that the guys come back and try on their tuxedo rentals and if things aren't just right, we make the necessary adjustments and, if necessary, do a replacement. Tuxedos are a perfect complement to a perfect wedding and provide the desired upscale look that you deserve.

Q: How do I decide between a formal tux and a more relaxed 2-piece suit?

So, the big question that has been resonating the last few years: Should we be formal or casual? We have always thought that a wedding is a super sacred event and shouldn't be a simple casual affair. That said, individuals are individuals and creating the look that makes you feel the best is what the ultimate goal is – whether that be a super formal tuxedo or a more fabulous casual linen suit. One thing that is worth considering: What do you want your pictorial memory to be? Your picture, your day, your memory. Make the most of it!

- Jim Anderson, owner of Anderson’s Bride,