Having an ‘off day’?

Why not!

Ahhh … Saturdays. Who doesn’t love a Saturday? Not surprisingly, Saturday is the most popular day to get married, and from June through August, Alaska’s wedding vendors and locations are hopping with weddings.

For brides, this means that if you start planning only a few months in advance, you may have a tough time finding wedding venues, caterers, photographers and other vendors that aren't already booked.

But before getting discouraged, consider setting your date on an “off day,” such as a Friday, Sunday or even mid-week. Suddenly, you may find that your dream vendors and locations can accommodate you after all.


If you’re looking to save money, an off-day wedding may be just the ticket. Many wedding vendors offer less expensive minimum packages during the week, which can add up to big savings. Depending on the day of the week, venue sites may be able to adjust banquet room charges, or throw in special extras or upgrades at minimal cost. You might also find that some bigger venue sites are more willing to accommodate small weddings on an off day.

Guest considerations

With the growing popularity of Alaska destination weddings, out-of-town guests may appreciate having an extra day or so to relax and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer. Consider an intimate, weekend-long wedding shared with family and close friends. For example, have your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday, and then enjoy two whole days to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Still set on Saturday?

If you’re still set on a Saturday wedding, but want the savings, consider scheduling it between late September and early spring, especially if your guests require accommodations. For your out-of-town guests, affordable room rates will be important. And if they are planning to spend a sizeable sum of money on plane tickets, you certainly don’t want to burden them with a massive hotel bill. Rooms are often more readily available during the off season.

Uniquely yours

Have you dreamed of walking down the aisle on Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or your grandparents’ wedding anniversary? The date itself, rather than the day of the week, may hold special significance for you. Don’t fret if your special day happens to fall on an off day. A midweek celebration, a Friday evening fete or an elegant Sunday brunch will help you celebrate your nuptials in style. With a little creativity, you can have your dream wedding on whichever day you choose.